Dienstag, 31. Juli 2012

Looting at Palmyra? - A video proof?

A video, distributed by French news platform France24 shows some men in uniforms when handling with ancient statues. The video was filmed with a cameraphone at the 18th of february at the UNESCO World heritage site of Palmyra in Syria.

Auf YouTube am 21.7.2012 von veröffentlicht

"They want these ones?" asks one of the uniformed. French journalists asking the Syrian embassy in Paris wether military has taken action to secure the finds in Palmyra has not yet been answered.

The video is no proof for plundering of the site - though supposable we witness an appointed theft of ancient statues from the museum or the site at Palmyra.

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Postscript (October, 24th )
In the meantime there are Palmyrian reliefs at ebay.

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