Dienstag, 7. Februar 2017

CfP EAA Maastricht 2017: Agglomerations: Towards a comparative understanding of settlement dynamics

Session 267
Agglomerations: Towards a comparative understanding of settlement dynamics

We are searching for papers, which can shed light on the circumstances of the development of settlement agglomerations from neolithic times up to modernity.


Ever since the early days of archaeology, the phenomenon of humans living together in large and continuously occupied sites and settlements has been a subject of intensive research. Such agglomerations – be they camp sites, villages, towns, or cities – must be understood as products of complex social, environmental and economic processes. Today, a vast number of case studies from a multitude of periods and regions exist that provide valuable data on settlement development and processes of social change. Thus, it is time to work with greater emphasis on a theoretical and methodical framework which would enable a comparative evaluation of these data, crossing the boundaries of research traditions. Such a comparative approach renders it possible to improve the understanding of the dynamics from a long-term perspective, going beyond traditional settlement archaeology. We invite speakers to present case studies dealing with changing forms of agglomerations for either prehistoric or historic periods. Participants should focus on aspects with potential for comparative studies. We particularly welcome contributions on methodical approaches with a strong theoretical emphasis.


R. Schreg, Mainz
C. Bonsall, Edinburgh
St. Eichert, Wien

in cooperation with the research field Social Change and Dynamics at the RGZM  (D. Gronenborn, H. Baron, M. Steinborn)

Conference Program

Überblick über die Sessions: https://www.klinkhamergroup.com/eaa2017/sessions/overview/

Submitting a paper

The call is open up until Wednesday 15 March 2017. To submit a paper you must register for the conference and log in.  https://www.klinkhamergroup.com/eaa2017/

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