Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2011

The Canons of Henry Morgan arrive at Panama 340 years later

Several canons, found in the Caribbean Seaat the Panamanian coast arrived at the restauration laboratories of the Patronato Panama Viejo. They probably belong to the small fleet of bucaneer henry Morgan, who sacked Panama in 1671. Morgan anchored in the Caribbean sea at the estuary of Rio Chagres and attacked the city of Panama, situated at the Pacific coast by surprise. He marched across the Isthmus, today crossed by the Panama canal.

The canons have been recovered last August by a team of Panamanian and American archaeologists. Further research is intended to check if they were really part of Morgan's fleet. After their restauration the canons will be shown at the museum in Panamá la Vieja.

PAdigital; Patronato Panamá Viejo at Facebook

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